China debuts creepy AI that reads the news like a real(ish) anchor

Do not adjust your TV, it is simply a new computer-generated anchor to solve bugs.

Xinhua, a media company run by the Chinese state, and Sogou, a search engine based in Beijing, presented two anchors of information on AI this week at the World Internet Conference. Although identical in appearance, both versions are designed to appease Anglophone and Anglophone observers. Both are true copies of an anchor from real life, Zhang Zhao.

To create a realistic replica, the teams spent hours on the video and did their best to recreate the manners and idiosyncrasies of the news presenters, with realistic lip movements and facial expressions.

"Amnesty International's anchors have officially become members of Xinhua's report writing team," the report says. "With other presenters, they will bring you reliable, timely and accurate news in both Chinese and English."

The team claims that its artificial intelligence can read texts as naturally as a professional news presenter, which at best is doubtful. However, it goes beyond humans in a key area: it never needs to eat or sleep. This version can read news, without interruption, 24/7. The artificial intelligence confirms it: "I will work tirelessly to keep you informed because the texts will be typed into my system without interruption."

Xinhua said in his report:

Amnesty International's anchors officially became members of Xinhua's reporting team. With other presenters, they will bring you reliable, timely and accurate news in Chinese and English.

The two presenters have already worked on a small number of distribution channels, such as its public account WeChat television web page, two Weibo accounts and the English and Chinese network applications.

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