Chrome 71 will warn users when pages secretly charge money for subscription

Have you ever received an invoice for a mobile service to which you have never subscribed? Many sites encourage users to enter their mobile phone numbers to access content and then bill them to operators. Google attempts to solve this problem by warning users of such pages in the following version of Chrome – Chrome 71.

Google launched a reference page that describes some of the best practices for showing subscription rates on your website. The guideline takes into account three main factors:

Clear billing information: The site must inform users that they will pay a subscription fee.

Billing information must be visible and obvious to users : Charges must not be hidden or displayed in an inexplicably small font. The information must be visible on all types of devices.

Make sure the fee schedule is clearly understandable: The page should include breakdown and frequency of charges (daily, monthly, weekly).
Credit: Google Example of a page with hidden subscription fees

Starting with Chrome 71, the browser displays a warning to users whenever a page does not follow these instructions. The warning will appear on Chrome desktop, Chrome mobile and Android WebView. Here is what the warning will look like:

Source: Google Example of warning on a page charging subscriptions

The company stated on its blog that it would warn website administrators if Google identified these pages:

When we identify such pages, we inform the webmaster via Search Console to indicate an option to inform us of the changes made. the billing process. For websites that are not verified on the Search Console, we will do our best to contact the relevant webmasters and be available to answer questions from our Public Support Forum available in 15 languages.

Chrome 71 will also block all ads pages containing too many pop-up windows. The new version is expected to fall in December 2018.

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