Disney+ will come with new Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar shows

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Disney this week revealed details about his local streaming service. It will be called Disney + and will be populated with new elements in Disney's most popular franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars.

For the moment, the site does not have much except a registration page where you can choose to receive updates. We have a rough idea of ​​what there might be, given that Disney announced more than a year ago that he would shoot his films from the platform. rival form Netflix. Disney + starting point.

The CEO, Bob Iger, revealed that during the company's call for results was working on several original series to complete the Disney + list, which all seemed to be interesting.

Among the titles revealed to date, the most promising seems to be a previous show of Rogue One: A Star Wars story, in which Diego Luna takes back his role of Cassian Andor. Given the profitability and nostalgia that characterize the franchise for several decades, it is likely that this is the great success. In addition, the character's storyline remained relatively unexplored in Rogue One, especially compared to his compatriot, Jyn Erso, of Felicity Jones.

The other major spin-off announced is a show based on the ugly lord Marvel Loki. I can see that this one is slightly more specialized, since the character did not direct a film alone. It's not an intention – I'm in this niche – but the character's entire contract shows up to the huge chip on his shoulder to his family members, and I wonder how that will occupy all of a season of time on the screen.

The company also disclosed in an announcement after that programs based on Monsters Inc. and High School Musical would be broadcast on Disney +. Jon Favreau is currently developing another series based on Star Wars, The Mandalorian – which, on its own, bears a rather cool title.

Moreover, we have heard of some other shows in the works that will probably appear on Disney +. For example, we know that a show about Captain America's two brothers, Falcon and Winter Soldier, is in preparation. Another series featuring Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch would be in the planning stages.

Regarding its other streaming services, Iger revealed that Disney had the intention of investing in more original content for Hulu (Disney owns 60% of the site). Other reports reveal that the Movies Anywhere cloud service now extends to six million users.

Disney movies still on Netflix are expected to remain there until the end of the year.

Announcement of the new Star Wars and Marvel series for Disney + Streaming Service
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