EOS devs warn of yet another fake cryptocurrency wallet on Google Play

Another day, another fake cryptocurrency application on Google Play.

A group of Brazilian EOS developers called EOS RIO, warned users that someone was trying to broadcast a fake version of his cryptocurrency wallet app on Google Play.

While the application is presented as the real thing (and claims to have been developed by "EOSRIO"), EOS RIO has issued a statement stating that its official application does not not yet completed at the Game Store.

EOS RIO claims to have taken the appropriate steps to have the app removed from the Play Store. Hopefully this will prevent users from being robbed of their cryptocurrency.

We do not know how many times the fake application has been downloaded, but it seems that it has been removed from Google Play (or at least it does not appear in the Dutch version of the Play Store). In any case, you may want to avoid SimplEOS wallets on Google Play at this time.

As a rule, fake wallet applications seek to steal user identity information for the purpose of stealing their cryptocurrency. These malware typically targets sensitive data such as your username, password, and even your private key.

In a similar case, personalities from YouTube, the Hodgetwins were stealing more than $ 8,000 in cryptocurrency after using a third-party EOS wallet found on the Apple App Store. ; Apple. Shortly after the story gained momentum, Apple discreetly removed the suspect portfolio from the platform.

To ensure the security of your devices, be sure to download the software only from trusted developers – and always check the user reviews, they usually warn if applications should be avoided.

Posted on November 9, 2018 – 13:31 UTC

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