iFixit tears down the Mac mini and MacBook Air

You can easily unscrew and remove the fan after opening the case, revealing the bowels.

The RAM is enclosed in a metal cage, but it is removable after handling four screws.

RAM can be removed and replaced.

The logic board of the Mac mini.

As expected, iFixit documented the dismantling of the new Mac mini and MacBook Air and assigned them a repairability score. The Mac mini is an improvement over the 2014 model. The MacBook Air has advantages in terms of ease of maintenance by the user, but a major disassembly is necessary to do a lot.

From the Mac mini, iFixit found that after opening the case, it was enough to unscrew and remove the fan to get inside. The logic board can be removed without special tools. Unlike the RAM of the Mac mini 2014, the RAM of this model can be replaced. It is covered with a metal cage, but once you have unscrewed and removed it, it is easy. The power supply can also be removed and replaced, but you will want to use a tool. On the downside, the CPU can not be replaced and any damage to one of the ports would require the replacement of the logic board.

The MacBook Air, open.

This card hosts Apple's T2 chip, Thunderbolt 3 controller, flash storage, and more.

The ports are modular and can be replaced.

The MacBook Air disassembled.

Turning now to the MacBook Air, iFixit found that it was easier to access than some Mac laptops. Once inside, the logic board can be removed simply by unscrewing screws and unplugging cables. Unfortunately, you must do it to replace the battery. In addition, the RAM is not replaceable and the keyboard is integrated into the housing, which requires significant work to fix it.

iFixit gave the Mac mini six points out of 10 for repairability and the MacBook Air three points out of 10. For more details, see the disassembly pages for each product.

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