Swedish man sentenced to 7 years in jail after mailing a pipe bomb to Bitcoin exchange

A Swede was convicted of attempted murder after sending numerous threatening letters to local politicians – and sent a bomb-like device to a Bitcoin company BTC in London . ]

The Stockholm District Court sentenced 43-year-old Michael Salonen to seven years in prison, reports AP. In August 2017, Salonen reportedly sent a homemade bomb device to a London-based broker. The dangerous package was sent by an accounting firm where it was opened, but fortunately did not explode.

The police later found Salonen's DNA on the bomb.

In addition to the explosive device, the criminal also sent a letter (filled with white powder) to Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. The envelope, which contained a note saying "you will soon be dead," was intercepted at the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm last August.

In May Salonen was arrested at the Stockholm International Airport on his arrival from Thailand, where he was arrested pending extradition.

It is not clear if Salonen intends to appeal the decision.

For the record, this is not the first report on the Bitcoin threat this week.

An Indian teenager was recently charged by local authorities after calling the FBI more than 50 times and threatened to blow up a Miami airport in retaliation for a US-based fraudster. United who allegedly stole his Bitcoin.

Posted on November 9, 2018 – 12:36 UTC


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