Microsoft launched a cloud-based blockchain development kit

The major technologies are embarking on the blockchain. Microsoft launched a blockchain cloud-based development kit powered by Azure.

" This kit extends the functionality of our blockchain developer models and Azure Blockchain Workbench that integrates Azure services for key management, offline identities, monitoring, and messaging The reference architecture that can be used to quickly create blockchain-based applications, "said Marc Mercuri, Technical Manager of the Microsoft Blockchain.

The first release will focus on three key themes: interface connectivity, data and system integration, and the deployment of smart contracts and blockchain networks.

Among other things, Microsoft says the development kit will provide SMS and voice interfaces for tracking and supply chain solutions, integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and support for mobile clients such as Android and iOS. Indeed, Microsoft calls the kit an end-to-end string chain solution.

The Redmond giant said its new offering would be compatible with various general ledger management technologies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin .

To get the developers started, Microsoft has also prepared a white paper on the use of the kit to deploy decentralized applications. The document is available here .

Big Tech hopping on the bandwagon

Microsoft is not the only tech giant to have made a foray into the blockchain. IBM Google and Amazon recently launched similar development kits for blockchain companies.

Previously, Microsoft had introduced several blockchain drivers, one of which aimed to limit spam calls in India and another intended to help developers get paid (launched in collaboration with the accounting firm). EY).

The Redmond company is also working on an identity management system powered by a chain of blocks .

It will be interesting to see what the developers will think of its new blockchain development kit – and projects they can build with this kit.

Posted on November 15, 2018 – 18:15 UTC


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