Now it’s Office’s turn to have a load of patches pulled

After endless difficulties with the update Windows 10 October 2018 – finally republished this month with the data loss bug corrected – it now seems that the team of Office publishes some necessary updates. to be freed.

In the November patch, two weeks ago, Microsoft released a series of updates that allowed Office to update its Japanese calendars. In December 2017, Emperor Akihito announced that he would abdicate and that his son Naruhito would assume his role as emperor. Each emperor has a corresponding pen name and the calendars must be updated to reflect that new name. Office patches provide updates to handle this event.

Two of these updates, KB2863821 and KB4461522, both for Office 2010, are apparently heavily damaged, which causes the application to crash. The company has suspended delivery of patches, but the problem is so severe that Microsoft recommends that anyone who has already installed the updates uninstall them immediately (see instructions for KB2863821 here and KB4461522 here ).

Office "Start-a-click" version users (used by Office 365 subscriptions) should not have to perform additional steps, because Office "One-click" should reverse automatically the fix. Manual removal is only required for perpetually licensed Office versions.

Another patch, KB4461529, is also recognized as problematic; specifically, Outlook 2010 64-bit crashes on startup. The instructions for this fix are different and rather unsatisfactory. Unlike the other two patches, KB4461529 is a security update. Therefore, its removal is not recommended because of the vulnerability that it would expose. Instead, Microsoft suggests that Outlook users use Outlook Web Access to access their mail. Since this particular incident seems to occur immediately upon startup of the application, one may wonder exactly how it was delivered. even the most superficial tests would have shown it.

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