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AmpliFi HD Gamer’s Edition Mesh Router System

Get the most out of online gaming with the Gamer's Edition AmpliFi HD Mesh Routers System. This system combines fast network speeds with low latency for an ultimate online gaming experience. Optimized for NVIDIA's GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming platform, the Gamer's Edition features GeForce NOW QoS mode. Developed by Ubiquiti with support from NVIDIA, the router system adjusts networks at an impressive speed for optimal streaming performance. The QoS implementation provides a simple solution to detect frame loss or latency issues, providing an optimal quality experience in the presence of other network traffic. In addition, the game router system uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi mesh technology to provide powerful Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home. In addition, it has advanced antenna technology and several self-configuring radios. With AmpliFi HD Gamer's Edition, you can enjoy game sessions on the cloud without any worries.

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