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Flashe Performance Enhancing Gaming Glove

Increase your performance and gain points without getting injured with the Flashe Performance Gaming Glove. This glove comes with a removable gaming sleeve that enhances the longevity of the game and helps you improve your performance due to increased blood flow. The Flashe game glove reduces the friction that occurs when you are constantly using a computer mouse. The underside of the glove is fully Teflon-coated, allowing for easier, faster and more accurate movement. In addition, the game glove has an integrated tilt, offering an optimal angle to the mouse as long as you wear it. In addition, the rotation support provides controlled movement with ideal precision and less friction. The Flashe game glove also comes with a standard black game case . However, you can also use the game design pouch if you want to stand out. Designed and made in Sweden, there are four different design pouches, matching the different colors of game gloves.

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