Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 855 and its new under-display fingerprint sensor

This week Qualcomm welcomes press and analysts to Maui for its annual summit Snapdragon . Unfortunately, we are not there, but a few weeks ago, Qualcomm gave us a glimpse of the news. There will be three days of information and the company has decided to focus on 5G, as well as an overview of its new Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. In addition, the company has announced its new footprint solution digital ultrasound for sensors that can be placed under the screen.

It will probably take a little more time before there is a 5G tower in your neighborhood, but after years of buzzing, it's fair to say that we're now at the point where the 5G becomes real. Indeed, AT & T and Verizon are introducing 5G networks live on Maui this week. Qualcomm called the event a "5G night out", although I'm sure many other players will be letting us hear the demand in the coming months.

In the short term, perhaps more interestingly, Qualcomm also announced today its new flagship mobile platform 855. Although the company has not yet released all the details, she pointed out that the 855 is "the world's first commercial mobile platform supporting 5G multi-gigabit technology."

The 855 also includes a new multi-core artificial intelligence engine that promises up to 3 times better AI performance over its previous mobile platform, as well as a specialized computer vision silicon to enhance computer photography (think of Google's Night Light) video capture.

The company also briefly noted that the new platform had been optimized for gaming. The corresponding product name is "Snapdragon Elite Gaming", but the details are rare. Qualcomm also continues to rely on RA (or "extended reality" as the brand has designated it).

The latest news is probably the most interesting here. Fingerprint sensors are now standard, even on mid-market phones. With its new 3D sonic sensors, Qualcomm promises an improved ultrasound fingerprint solution that can be placed under the screen. This is partly a brand change from Qualcomm's existing sub-display sensor, but there is also a new technology. The promise here is that the scanner will work even if the display is very dirty or if the user installs a screen protector. It is highly likely that we will see some new flagship phones over the next few months (the Mobile World Congress announces quickly, after all) featuring these new fingerprint scanners.

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