Samsung fakes test photo by using a stock DSLR image

Samsung's Malaysian arm has explanations to make. The company, with the aim of showing the astonishing photo editing ability of the Galaxy A8 Star used a clever portrait, modified it and then removed it as the A8.

The trouble began when the Serbian photographer Dunja Djudjic noticed that someone had bought one of his photos from a service called EyeEm that provided images to Getty Images, a renowned photo reseller. Djudjic, curious to know the buyer, did a brief search back and found his image – falsified to an inch of his life – on the Samsung product page in Malaysia.

For its part, Djudjic was a good sport.

My first reaction was to burst out laughing. Just look at the Photoshop work that they did on my face and my hair! I have always liked the natural color of my hair (even if they turn to black and white gray), but I guess the creator of this French image prefers reddish tones. Except in the eyes though, where they removed all the blood vessels.

Anyone who created this image also cut me into the background and mimicked me on a random photograph of a park. I mean, the original photo was taken at f / 2.0 if I remember correctly, and they needed "before" and "after" – a picture with a net background and another where the all-powerful "fashion portrait "made him vague. Samsung's Photoshop master has solved the problem by using a different background.

This decision follows a decision by Huawei to shoot the same shot with a demonstration photo in August.

To be fair, Samsung warns us that this would happen. "The content of the screen is a simulated image and is only for demonstration purposes," they write in small print, at the bottom of the page. Fortunately for Djudjic, Samsung paid for his picture.

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