Duet Display 2 uses hardware acceleration to catch up with Luna Display

Duet Display is an application that lets you turn your iPad into a second Mac monitor. And the team behind it has just released a major update that makes it much more efficient: it consumes less CPU resources and is now recognized as a true external monitor.

If you used Duet Display in recent years, you may have noticed a change that would make the situation worse, not better. At one point, Apple updated macOS and broke the Duet Display method.

Duet Display needed to use AirPlay as a backup method. This made the application much less versatile because you were only limited to a handful of 16: 9 resolutions with black bars.

But this is part of the past, as Duet Display has found a way to take advantage of GPU acceleration. This means that your iPad now appears as a display in the macOS settings. It should also be more energy efficient. From my experience, it is now much closer to a normal external display. If you are traveling and need a lot of screen, this is a good solution.

Luna Display was able to do the same thing using a hardware dongle. Duet Display is now catching up with its competitor by publishing this update.

Version 2.0 is a free update. Make sure to download the latest version on your iPad and Mac. Duet Display costs $ 10 for new users. You can eventually pay $ 20 or $ 25 a year for additional features, such as wireless connectivity and support for Apple Pencil.

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