Hit the trackless nuclear wastes with this Laco RAD-AUX watch

Laco is a small German watch company known for its Flieger watches – pieces designed for pilots with large crowns and readable faces. Now, the brand has teamed up with ABlogToWatch for a Fallout-themed watch that looks like something out of an abandoned vault.

The $ 2,950 watch contains an ETA 2824.2 movement and features a casing and a group in great distress, as well as a smart case that recalls the design of the 1950s anti-aircraft / military bomb. is limited to 143 pieces and you can order it in advance for shipping in March . The whole package looks like something out of the game Fallout. Bethesda is not yet involved in the product, but the whole is a tribute to the world of Fallout.

From the website:

On the outside of the very worn tin can, we see a stamp stating that it was attributed to the supervisor of the vault No. 43. Inside the box you find the Laco RAD-AUX, a user manual and an accumulation of some odds and ends. Presumably, the additional artefacts were collected by the owner of the Laco RAD-AUX before his discovery. There are realistic polaroid pictures of abandoned landscapes, mutated plant life, and a curious panther named Gloria. A bottle cap bearing the mark of a sunset, which has been turned into a hairpin. There is also a postcard of protection for the New California Republic, which invites you to place it near the entrance to your home. Each included item has a realistic and aged appearance.

The most interesting thing about this watch is its partnership with ABlogToWatch, a popular watch blog run by Ariel Adams and Laco. These types of partnerships usually give rise to a boring brand watch with an ugly blog logo, hidden somewhere in the case. This partnership is more about the imagination of Laco and Adams on a mushroom mushroom. Anyway, it's an excellent piece for those who have not yet bought a Pip Boy printed in 3D . Good luck, Vault Dweller!

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