Don’t believe the hype: There’s nothing wrong with the space station robot

CIMON, an Artificial Intelligence Robot Developed by IBM and Airbus, has recently been shown to be perfectly normal when interacting with human crews aboard the International Space Station ( ISS A large number of journalists do not agree with this assessment, but we will let you decide.

When a member of the crew was trying to ask him to do things, he was confused, misinterpreted some voice commands, and generally did not produce the expected results in a consistent manner.

Yes, it seems like nothing has happened.

If you have a smart speaker, if you interact with a virtual assistant, or if you've already played Zork (agree, maybe not that one), you know exactly what We feel like interacting with an ordinary chatbot – and there is not exactly a gulf between IBM Watson and Alexa from Amazon.

We love our artificial intelligence gadgets when they work, and they get better all the time, but when they do not, they can be frustrating.

For Watson's defense, this is the first AI solution to be tested in space and certainly the first floating discussion robot on the ISS.

But, as you can clearly see in the video above (from about 3:30), the worst we can accuse is not very useful.

Why then, fellow journalists, does anyone think this is appropriate:

Have I forgotten a memo about a contest in which we are all trying to produce the most ridiculous title, then the shoe horn, in the largest number of references to AI / fictitious robots in the world? # 39; Article? Because, if that's the case, it's best to work with a difficult prompt for everyone.

It's time we stopped reporting every little thing that a machine-learning-based construct looks like we're seeing evidence of robot sentience, even if it's a joke.

AI can do many things, but even IBM's Watson, an AI we really love – can not be offended or hurt. And he certainly did not become a thug, was not bellicose or did not undergo any fusion.

Just stop it. You are all ridiculous. It is not surprising that Elon aggravates as much .

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