Google promises to shut down two of its seven messaging apps

Enlarge / Allo and Hangouts disappear, but Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet open to consumers.

In an article published on his official blog Google introduced a simplified messaging strategy for the future. To provide customers with "a simpler and more unified communications experience," Google has promised to support only five messaging applications, instead of seven currently. To reduce the number of applications to five apps, Google will eventually close Hangouts and Google Allo, while messages, Hangouts chat, Hangouts, Duet, and Google Voice meetings will continue to be supported.

Google's announcement of its quintuple-application strategy follows a report from 9to5Google that Google Hangouts would be closed by 2020. Scott Johnston, product manager of three of the seven apps Google messenger – responded to the report on Twitter, the caller " a report of poor quality " and saying "is only half of the story". If Google plans to close its term hangouts, Mr. Johnston added that Google is also opening two of its business-only messaging apps – Chat Hangouts and Hangouts Meet – at its user base consumer, and that Hangouts users be transferred to these two apps.

The blog repeated that "classic" Hangouts would eventually disappear while Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet were opening, but Google would not stop them as long as it could not provide a smooth transition. between applications. The Post also announced that Allo, whose development had been halted earlier this year in favor of Messages, would be closed in March 2019.

When they're closed, Allo and Hangouts will join Google Talk, Google Spaces, Google Wave, Google Messenger and Google Buzz in the cemetery of older Google e-mail applications.

Hangouts is Google's oldest email service and has over one billion installations on Android only. It's the only Google messaging service that supports instant messaging, SMS, video calling, and voice calling, with Android, iOS, Web,, and desktop clients. a Chrome extension. With such a large and comprehensive set of features, Hangouts leaves little room for Google's other messaging products. When Hangouts is shut down, Google can better diversify its messaging user base among its remaining five apps, I guess.

"We are excited about the progress we have made in our communications experience in recent years," said the company. "And by refocusing on Messages and Duo for consumers and Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for Team Collaboration, we are focusing on a simpler and more unified communication experience for all of you."

The company has failed to mention Google Voice in its blog post, but it's understandable that Google's entire message stack may be hard to follow.

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