5 Startups in India You Should Be Watching

India is one of the fastest growing countries. In the past, he has developed startups that are now major corporations around the world such as Zivame, Chumbak, Premier Cry, Politics Bazaar, Hike, Big Basket, Lime Road, Zomato, InMobi, Paytm, Ola, Flipkart and many others.

With a growing love for computers technology has also exploded to the point where teens, youth and seniors have developed unique and different computer-based ideas, software and technology. In recent years, many new startups have entered the market. Some of them are still in the process of settling and others are well settled and ready to take over.


Yes, that's Li-Fi and not Wi-Fi. However, both do the same job. Li-fi provides Internet services just like conventional Wi-Fi systems. The only difference is that Wi-Fi transmits the data by radio waves, but the Li-fi does it by visible light.

Of course, the data is transmitted by visible light. Also known as Light Fidelity, hosted under the name of Velmeni, it will be one of the biggest products of the moment. 10,000 more spectrum unlicensed than the traditional system, ten times faster than Wi-Fi and the most important, environmentally friendly, this technology will be favored in the coming years. They are currently working with Airbus to create an Internet environment without radiation in aircraft.


Get my parking

Just as its name sounds sweeter than sugar, this start-up solves one of the biggest problems in a normal person's daily life.

Find a parking space.

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<p> We usually go on a large parking lot and our car, our bike or any other vehicle we drive, we walk to find a perfect parking spot and this task can sometimes take longer than expected. It is there that this startup is presented as a savior. This is essentially an application in which you can manage a parking spot before reaching the lot. This startup has joined more than 15 countries internationally for their services. </p>
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Bootstrap Templates and Themes

UiCardio is an ecommerce site offering an idea of ​​pure software products. The software supports everything, the building of websites has become a big business that requires a large amount of capital.

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<p> This website had the idea of ​​offering pure products, such as Hugo themes, HTML and CSS themes, bootstrap or SASS files. They bring unique models and designs that are minimal and perfectly fashionable nowadays. </p>
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Nation of the Banyans

This startup has the ability to be the next face to reduce solid plastic waste in the world.

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<p> They proposed to large companies like Tata and L'Oreal to use recycled plastic at a competitive price for their products. </p>
<p> Tata engines use recycled plastic, namely PU, PC and PPO, to recycle the old bumper into a new one. L'Oréal has adopted the "bottle-bottle" mantra using old bottles of shampoo, recycling them and reusing them. </p>
<p> Banyan now recycles plastic and respects the rule that, if we can not eliminate plastic, we can reuse it. Started as a startup, the Banyan nation has become a big movement. </p>
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Everyone has used GPS somewhere or in their life. There must have been cases where this navigation system has confused you with an exact location or you may have been confronted with a wall following it.

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<p> Also, there must have been times when you had to send an exact location of your location, but you failed. Thank God we now have LinCodes. </p>
<p> It works like a GPS, but the difference between the two is that LinCodes divides the geographic area into a grid of 10 × 10 ft squares. Each zone has a unique numeric code as the address. </p>
<p> You no longer have to worry about sending your exact location, even in a large parking lot. </p>
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