This DIY Enigma machine fits inside a pocket watch

We are in 1940. Through the use of arcane atomic technologies, the Axes have brought back modern technology from 2018. Their main price? This incredible pocket watch Enigma . This small watch, created by a manufacturer who calls itself asciimation, uses an Arduino Pro Micro and a small OLED display to recreate the Enigma machine in pure code.

Asciimation previously built a Enigma wristwatch and he works on a machine Enigma printed in 3D. The Enigma was a seemingly unbreakable coding machine used by the Germans during World War II and was about the size of a small briefcase. Integrating all the logic into a tiny watch case – the vintage of the Second World War – is an incredible feat.

Fortunately, the aforementioned time travel device was never built and this little wild pocket watch was never delivered to enemy hands, but we can imagine the havoc it would cause if a captain Panzer somewhere carried one on his belt. You can read all the details on the construction of the site of Asciimation .

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