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Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Controller

Easily communicate with your devices with the Tap Strap keyboard, mouse and portable controller. Using Bluetooth connectivity, this laptop allows you to type without using a physical keyboard. Functioning as a virtual trackpad and keyboard, the Tap Strap wrist strap communicates seamlessly with your device when you tap any surface. Worn with one hand like a fingerless glove, this lightweight, easy-to-wear model makes it easy to text, navigate and even play . In addition, the TapGenius app teaches you to type in less than an hour. Likewise, the learning system combines visual and music tutorials with games to help you learn in no time. In addition, it comes with an auditory learning system for visually impaired users. Compatible with a wide range of operating systems, the Strap Tap Strap makes the use of your device more transparent and enjoyable.

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