Daily Crunch: Well Facebook, you did it again

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1. Facebook is the new crapware

Well Facebook, you have done it again. Fresh from its latest privacy scandal, the struggling social media giant signed an agreement with Android to pre-install its application on an undisclosed number of phones and make the software permanent. This means that you will not be able to remove Facebook from these phones. Thank you, Facebook.

2. The world's first folding telephone is real

The Chinese company Royole beat Samsung on the market and introduced a foldable phone / tablet this week at CES. Even if it's not the most fluid experience, the device adapts perfectly to your needs.

3. CES revokes price awarded to female sex technology company
ETUC condemns double standard after that the Consumer Tech Association has canceled the award for a business aimed at women sexual health.

4. All that Google announced at CES 2019

This year Google went to the CES assistant. The company boasted that the voice – activated AI would reach a billion devices by the end of the month, up from 400 million last year. But what's more exciting is the extensive capabilities of Google Assistant. Soon you will be able to check flights and translate conversations on the fly with a simple "Hey Google".

5. The rebranding of WeWork will not work

The company formerly known as WeWork has changed its name to We, but its new strategy has the potential to plunge it further into debt.

6. Despite promises, US cell phone operators still sell your phone's location data in real time

Last year, LocationSmart, a little known company, suffered fires after disclosing location data from AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint users to shady customers. The LocationSmart agency quickly fell under the public eye and promised to stop selling user data, but few of them focused on another major player in the localization business : Zumigo.

7. The best and the worst of CES 2019

From monsters to virtual reality in cars, we decompose the good, the bad and the bad from CES 2019.

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