DJI drones can fly over crowds if they wear this certified parachute

Most of the time, personal and commercial drones are not allowed to fly over groups of people. For safety, of course. The parachute of Indemnis drones changes that. The product of the company has just been certified to allow operators to legally pilot drones above small groups of people. This is the first time that such a device receives certification.

The Parachute Indemnis for DJI Drones the straps on the big drones of DJI and includes a launcher which deploys a parachute when sensors detect anomalies of flight.

To obtain certification, the Alaska-based company's product must overcome a series of obstacles, including 45 feature tests on five different failure scenarios. The tests were designed to ensure that the parachute deploys at the right time every time.

According to a press release, the product works as follows:

"Nexus is a ballistic parachute launcher, triggered automatically if the drone suddenly begins to tilt abnormally or fall. It deploys the parachute in less than 30 milliseconds at 90 mph, via a tube that inflates quickly to keep the parachute lines away from the body of the drone and propellers. Indemnis now offers the Nexus package for Inspire 2 and intends to offer it for the 200 Series Matrix UAVs and 600 Series Matrix by the end of 2019 ".

A handful of companies are trying to solve the problem of drone safety, and parachutes are a solution. Often products are designed to protect passers-by and the drone itself. DJI has not yet built a parachute in one of its products.

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