Chamberlain Group acquires Lockitron and Tend for its myQ smart garage hub

The Chamberlain Group which owns several security and access brands, including the myQ smart garage center, added two new companies to its portfolio: the manufacturer of connected door locks Lockitron and wi-fi. home security camera start Tend .

In a press release, JoAnna Sohovich, CEO of Chamberlain Group, said that Tend and Lockitron products would be integrated with myQ. "We know that families come in and out of their homes by the garage door several times a day. Our myQ technology allows homeowners to monitor and control access from their smartphone, "she said. "Adding videos, connected locks and improved artificial intelligence to our access solutions will provide even more peace of mind when homeowners connect to their homes and their homes." close relations. "

(Blogger Dave Zatz discovered the first signs of agreement two weeks ago including updates to Lockitron's privacy policy).

Lockitron is one of the first brands of smart locks. It delivered its first lock connected in 2010. Its flagship product is the Bolt, a smart lock accessible via a smartphone. The Bolt launched in 2015 is the first smart lock sold for less than $ 100. The Chamberlain Group will integrate Lockitron's technology into myQ so users can control their garage doors and residential doors with a single application.

In an email to TechCrunch, Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Lockitron with Paul Gerhardt, said they were looking for potential buyers to have the resources to grow and respond to demand from retail businesses and e-commerce. Chamberlain Group was the ideal solution as it will support existing Lockitron users. Lockitron's technology can also be integrated with products other than myQ. The transaction was an asset sale of Lockitron's product line from its parent company Apigy. Robertson and Gerhardt are now advising Chamberlain on a part-time basis, and are also working on new non-Apigy projects that Robertson believes will eventually be destroyed.

The video and features of Tend, including facial recognition, will also be integrated into myQ, so users can add a Tend camera and see the video of their garage doors opening and closing via the application of myQ. The company was established in 2008 and its co-founder and CEO, Herman Yau, will continue to assume the duties of managing director of Tend, leading its video and artificial intelligence platform within the Chamberlain Group.

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