How to Get into Tech Without a Tech Background

If you look at the biggest tech companies lately, you will find that many newcomers are not even considered high tech people. Uber and Airbnb are less interested in technology than in their concept.

You can manage a technology company with no technology experience, but find the best possible technology when you need it.

It is extremely useful to know how to manage the technological side of a business (including coding). But it's even more important to know where technology is needed the most. where consumer problems exist and how technology can change people's lives.

By 2019, the time may have come to redefine technological entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial spirit is not a 23-year-old man in Silicon Valley wearing a $ 15 H & M hooded code all night long. An entrepreneur can be anyone – and entrepreneurship can come from anywhere.

Rise of rest

Steve Case emphasized this fact about entrepreneurship during his tour Rise of The Rest with a ] Top 10 cities List. Capital of the reader specifically installed at:

No. 1 Columbus, Ohio; because they see the Midwest as the next frontier of innovation.
No. 6 Cincinnati, Ohio; becomes a growing mastodon in biotechnology, and
# 5 Baltimore, Mass; Recent investments have yielded more than one billion USD.

Find and define your next career.

Boxer Champion Yahu Blackwell grew up in Baltimore before being placed at the top of the list or letting Magic Johnson make investment visits. At 32, Blackwell has made a few million and continues to box. Most boxers fight well beyond their strength. Blackwell will not do it. He is already aligning his next career in the blockchain and developing a mobile boxing game called People's Champ.

Hundreds of stories across the country prove that technological entrepreneurship is happening everywhere around us. In a case like Blackwell's, his motivation is linked to his love for "his" city and his desire to see it grow and develop. This change is beneficial for the technology, which moves away from the ribs and contractors that are traditionally part of the central cast.

There will always be problems to solve.

Whether it is health, banking or insurance, many systems need to be changed. The first wave of disruptive technologies focused on day-to-day issues related to travel and transportation. Taxis, hotels and even grocery stores have been changed forever. Look for a problem that you can solve.

To enter technology without technology training, start by looking for problems rather than solutions.

Corrects a daily problem.

Problems, big and small, exist everywhere. Keep a diary of your daily troubles or exasperations that you hear around you. Do not forget that you do not have to build something complicated to solve a problem. Being first in the market can give you many benefits.

There is very little technical difference between Uber and Lyft. An entity has just grown faster. Although there is a difference in the "driver pay scale", it is a commercial activity – no programming.

It can be difficult to solve the right problem. Reduce the problem by answering a few questions.

Is the volume high? Do many people already do it / need it?
How difficult would it be to change the behavior of their consumers?
Are there any legal issues that I will have to deal with right away?

If there is a high volume, the willingness of the consumer to change his behavior and the absence of major legal obstacles, it is usually a problem. opportunity to seize.

But do not delay ticking the first two boxes listed above. People do not like to buy a car and devalue the car as a status symbol. People choose carpool trips, which would indicate that the timing is right to further disrupt the car dealership model.

Only, you would be engaged in a long and long legal battle with the car dealership system. Car dealerships are complicated, have a lobby and will require you to raise significant capital. In other words, if Tesla is still struggling to get around it, stay away. Look for better and easier opportunities.

Corrects a faulty system.

It sounds incredibly complicated, but it is not. The bigger the system or bureaucracy, the more slowly they must change. If you can create something that solves the troubles of automated customer services using AI robots you're on the right track. Medical billing, making appointments, taxes and finances must also be updated.

The challenge will always be to turn your new context into a larger existing system .

Your innovation will require simplicity. You are not from a technical background that will play in your favor. The basic planning tools and elements we use every day on our phones have not yet reached the status quo in large institutions.

Find things that do not work and replace them with ideas that work elsewhere.

This idea is a proven principle in entrepreneurship. You do not need to invent anything. Just take an "old" process, modify and modernize it, and then install your new approach in the right context.

The most important thing to remember is that your origin, your appearance, what you did before have no importance in technology. Creating the best solution that works and works easily works.

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