Nokia 8.1 Plus is the company’s most modern-looking phone yet

Nokia 8.1 Plus rendering.

We have a perforated screen and a fingerprint reader at the back.

This Nokia logo is a bit ugly.

I spy: an upper headphone jack and a lower USB-C port.

Is it just me or does it make no sense? The Nokia 9 has a front design and a new school back, while the Nokia 8.1 Plus has a new school facade design.

Just days after the leak of Nokia 9 another Nokia device sank: the Nokia 8.1 Plus. The leak is courtesy of 91Mobiles and OnLeaks who took a CAD file and turned it into rendering.

In the case of a CAD file, the leak does not contain any information on price or specifications, and we do not even know if "Nokia 8.1 Plus" is the definitive name. What we can see, however, is a 6.22-inch screen with a perforation design, a USB-C port, a bottom-trigger speaker, an upper headphone jack, a dual-camera configuration at the top. Back and a fingerprint reader at the back. As usual, Nokia is part of the program "Android One", which simply means that the phone is equipped with Android and a reliable update schedule.

If 2018 was the year of Android phone design, 2019 announces as the year of the perforated camera. As phone glasses get smaller and smaller, the placement of the front camera becomes a problem. Notch's designs would cut off a large part of the screen for camera placement, but most of these cuts were larger than necessary (probably because the manufacturers wanted to copy the design of the iPhone X endowed sensors). In contrast, a perforated design pushes the screen to all the edges of the phone's body. The front camera is placed under the display and just enough pixels are removed to eliminate any clogging of the camera. We are only 10 days in 2019 and until now we have seen signs that Samsung Huawei Motorola and Nokia all pursue this style their phones to come up. The perforation seems to be an improvement, but it is difficult to know because the devices have not yet been launched.

With its well-built hardware, Android stock, reliable update program, and low-to-medium-term pricing, Nokia is one of our favorite Android manufacturers at the moment. Its range is still confusing and complicated, especially when we compare this design to that of the future Nokia 9 . The Nokia 9 sounds like a top model compared to the Nokia 8.1 Plus, with a higher model number, an on-screen fingerprint reader and a complex configuration with five cameras in the back. Why the Nokia 8.1 Plus has a better front design? The Nokia 9 is equipped with thick and straight panels that look like those of 2017, while the Nokia 8.1 Plus's perforated screen gives it a more design worthy of 2019. If you want a high-end Nokia phone it seems that you want to combine the front of the Nokia 8.1 Plus with the back of the Nokia 9.

Up to now, these two devices are just rumors and, as always, the price to pay will be a determining factor in the reception quality of both phones. We should know more by the end of January.

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