This crowdfunded Pong table might be the coolest thing at CES

Table Project Pong

There is a lot to love at CES every year, but there is always this product that is too cool to ignore. This year, it's a $ 3,000 table that plays in Pong. No really.

This digital representation of the 1972 classic, Pong, may seem like a disappointing addition to a well-known show to present the latest and greatest success, but it has seduced everyone who has taken the time to try it.

In 2017, it was the origin of an idea of ​​ Kickstarter . The crowdfunding campaign raised USD 335,000 to produce a retro-futuristic table combining a classic game with modern appeal. Later, the creators reached an agreement with UNIS major player in the arcade games sector, for the manufacture of the large-scale table.

At his initial appearance at CES in 2018 he received rave reviews. This year's version – a colorful, fully customizable version designed for arcades – is still being praised. The classic square puck remains, as do the two paddles and a square "ball" that bounces between two players – or a player and one of three more and more difficult AI players.

The basic version for a coffee table will cost $ 2,9999, while prices are to be determined for the larger model.

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