2019 iPhones: Three new handsets, one with a triple-rear-camera setup

Enlarge / The iPhone XR in its myriad colors.

Valentina Palladino

At the dawn of the new year, rumors are already circulating about the next generation of Apple iPhones. According to a report of the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to launch three new iPhones this year, two models with OLED display and a model with LCD.

The sounds are familiar to you, but newer cameras can come on the scene. According to information, the most high-end iPhone will have three rear cameras, while the other two models will have two rear camera configurations.

Apple's so-called focus on cameras shows that she wants to keep the iPhone with competing smartphones that place strong emphasis on the importance of the chops of photography. Many Android phones, including Google's Pixel 3 XL combine hardware and software to produce some of the best photos we've seen from a smartphone. In addition, rivals such as Samsung and Huawei continue to adjust the rear camera settings of their flagship product, incorporating triple or quad camera systems into some of the most popular models. more recent.

The iPhone XS and XS Max have two rear cameras, while the cheapest XR has a single camera, but the latter has many features identical to those of its high-end counterparts. . IPhones are already taking great pictures, but Apple seems to be looking for a competitive advantage in key markets like China where competitors often offer handsets with similar features at lower prices.

The Wall Street Journal report also states that Apple could abandon the LCD option by 2020. This rumor is not new, but it is associated with the Idea that the iPhone XR did not sell as well as Apple thought. Among other features, the LCD screen allows Apple to sell the XR at a lower price than the iPhone XS and XS Max OLED display. Apparently, Apple has not been able to give up the LCD this year because the planning stages are already well advanced for this year's releases, which would make big changes like a billboard exchange. unrealizable display.

Apple does not mention unit sales of iPhone and iPad in its quarterly earnings reports . So we will not know exactly how many iPhone XRs have been sold since its release in October 2018. But in a recent interview with CNBC Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, does not tell the story. does not agree with the idea that the iPhone XR has been a flop.

"Since we started shipping the iPhone XR," said Cook, "it's the most popular iPhone every day, every day since the start of deliveries until now ".

While Apple apparently would project new cameras as outstanding features of its 2019 smartphones, the company could also remove features to cut costs. The report suggests that Apple could remove 3D Touch from all iPhones. Currently, the iPhone XR is the only model not to have 3D Touch, but rather Haptic Touch, a feature that uses long display pressures and a haptic feedback to evoke new actions. It is possible that Haptic Touch will extend to all iPhone models if Apple gets rid of 3D Touch completely.

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