VLC media player will add AirPlay support, soon reach three billion downloads

Enlarge / VLC on the Mac

Samuel Axon

The popular VLC open source audio and video playback software will soon add support for Apple's AirPlay streaming feature, according to statements from the app development team to Variety .

VLC also provided the following statement to The Verge to comment on the calendar and clarify certain details of the AirPlay deployment:

As with Chromecast, we intend to support AirPlay on all platforms. There is no release date yet. We would like this to be part of VLC 4, which is the next major release we are currently working on. We will inform you in advance when we have set a date.

The VLC development team added support for Chromecast, Google's AirPlay equivalent, in 2018 . Apple has sometimes already proposed AirPlay on non-Apple devices, such as Sonos One for example, but this year's CES has been marked by notable extensions, especially in TVs. Many new TVs from Samsung, LG and others will now support AirPlay and some Apple services.

The addition of AirPlay to VLC's Android application will facilitate the broadcasting of content from Apple devices to Android devices for those who use it. The VLC team will also expand support for virtual reality in the future. Specifically, they demonstrated their ability to watch 2D movies in a virtual movie theater while wearing the HTC Vive at its CES booth this week.

According to Variety, "the team proceeded with the reverse engineering for most VR headsets that support VR video via the VLC main application" because the use of Development kits provided by the headphone manufacturers would increase the file size of VLC Media Player by several hundred megabytes. The solution proposed by VLC has only added a single megabyte to the size of the application.

In addition, VLC is on the verge of exceeding three billion downloads of users. The development team celebrated with a countdown on its CES stand and the goal of three billion should be reached today. The team noted that mobile downloads accounted for about a quarter of that number.

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