KeyClip 3-in-1 Compact Wallet

Keep your everyday essentials in one place with the KeyClip 3-in-1 coin purse. The KeyClip is a minimalist wallet that holds your cards, money, keys and tools. Its stack design makes it easy to access your items when you need them. Plus, the patented KeyClip wallet is only a little bigger than a credit card […]


Woofbowl Auto-Fill Water Bowl

Make sure your pet still has fresh water with the Woofbowl Auto-Fill water bowl. The Woofbowl automatically fills and cools your pet's water bowl without electricity. Equipped with a water level sensor, the Woofbowl begins to fill as soon as the level drops. Likewise, it uses an integrated temperature sensor to cool the water when […]


BuzzFeed News just hired a former FBI official to prove the ‘pee tape’ is real

BuzzFeed news intends to fight a pending lawsuit with the White House by proving that the infamous "pee band" exists. According to a report by Foreign Policy the website recruited a team of investigators headed by Anthony Ferrante, former head of cybersecurity at the White House, who has already overseen the work. investigation into possible […]


HiLashes Magnetic Eyelashes

Get your best look with less effort with HiLashes magnetic eyelashes. Unlike mascara or false eyelashes, HiLash is easy to use and looks absolutely incredible. These innovative eyelashes come with their own applicator. Whatever you do, attach the eyelashes to the applicator that stays in place with tiny magnets . Then bring the applicator to […]


ILoveHandles Tug Outlet Adapter

Enjoy the benefits of a MagSafe connector on any device equipped with the ILoveHandles towing output adapter. Equipped with a magnetic connection, the plug adapter is compatible with any power cord. Use the tug on a cable that you do not want to trip over to prevent your devices or yourself from falling. In addition, […]