After Google and Facebook, Twitter is planning to kill cryptocurrency ads too

In the footsteps of Facebook and Google Twitter also plans to ban any cryptocurrency advertising from its platform. The updated advertising policy will prohibit the promotional content of initial coin offers (ICO), token sales and cryptocurrency wallets worldwide, according to a report of Sky News. The new rules could come into effect as early as […]


BIZOND Portable Ozone Air Purifier

Breathe better with the BIZOND portable air purifier. With its purification and sterilization functions, the BIZOND air purifier eliminates up to 99% of allergens, bacteria and chemicals in your space. Likewise, it eliminates formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and affects microorganisms that resist the impacts of chlorine. In addition, the air purifier effectively eliminates odors such as […]


Snowfeet Wearable Mini Skis

Move in the snow using only your winter shoes with the Wearable Snowfeet Mini Skis. Featuring a small and lightweight design, you can use Snowfeet on and off tracks. In addition, Snowfeet can access areas where you would not take your snowboard or skis, such as small trails in the forest. Likewise, you do not […]


iPhone 8 Dirt-Resistant Case

Make your iPhone 8 beautiful and safe from everyday damage with this dirt-resistant case for iPhone 8. The design is truly unique. In fact, this case serves as a wallet other than just being a phone case. You can wear it effortlessly in your pocket without this extra bulge. Plus, the felt design of wool […]


Qarnot QC-1 Noiseless Crypto Heater

Turn your heating into a source of income rather than an expense with the Qarnot QC-1 Quiet Crypto Heater. The QC-1 receives heat from the two graphics cards of the device, as well as blockchain transactions or mining cryptocurrences. Featuring a high-end design, the crypto heater QC-1 is completely quiet. Likewise, there are no moving […]


Bolder Watch Gunmetal Black Chronograph

Enjoy an elegant watch that stands out with the Bolder Watch Gunmetal Black Chronograph. Around the inner dial is a detailed debossing style, offering a unique look that stands out from other watches. Featuring a minimalist charm, the watch has the essential features of the watch. The sapphire crystal surface offers scratch resistance while the […]


KEEGO Squeezable Metal Water Bottle

Enjoy the benefits of a metal bottle with the KEEGO Squeezable metal water bottle. Featuring a compressible design, the KEEGO water bottle is ideal for sports such as running, cycling and more. Made from 99.8% genuine titanium, KEEGO keeps your drink cool. Titanium also prevents contamination of softeners and plasticizers, making your beverage healthier. KEEGO […]


Reveal Magnetic Wood Bluetooth Earbuds

Wear your earphones as fashionable accessories with Reveal's Magnetic Wood Bluetooth Earphones. Featuring a timeless wooden design, Reveal headphones are stylish and suitable for all clothing. Designed to be worn as a necklace, these unisex earphones simply hang on your neck, so you do not even need to put them away. Likewise, the magnetic earphones […]


Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag

Protect your equipment from water with the Matador Droplet XL dry bag. Ideal for the beach trips or water sports, the Droplet XL dry bag uses a 100% waterproof material. The ultralight bag comes with a Hypalon back closure, tapered seams and a YKK buckle for added protection. In addition, it provides a silicone droplet […]